Guaranteed 14-day full refund and quick returns to US or Europe. Free return for 1 item for orders over $100.


Shipping is free in most cases, and we deliver anywhere in the world!  Some products might have a faster shipping option for an extra charge. If you’re interested in a faster delivery option and it’s not listed on the product, please contact us to give you the extra options.

Orders are normally shipped from us or our suppliers in Asia and Europe. Shipping time normally takes 15 to 25 days from the moment of ordering but it could take up to 35 days. There is a chance delays might happen due to holidays or packages being held in the customs.


Want to return your product?  No problem!

You have 14 days to return them to us from the moment you have received them.

While the products may ship to you from abroad, if you live in the US or Europe you’re in luck!  You can send it quickly straight to one of our local return centers:  one in Oregon, US and another one in the Netherlands.

Just contact us if you’d like to return your products and we will arrange all the details together.


A full refund is guaranteed if you decide to return the product for any reason within 14 days.  Even if you try them on later and change your mind, contact us, you might still be eligible for a partly refund.

To be eligible for the refund stated above, the shoes must have not been worn in the period they were with you and they must have no visible wear marks. If they included a package, that one has to be sent back intact as well.

You refund will be processed after the item(s) arrive back to us and we confirm either that they have not been worn or that they have a manufacturing flaw.

If your order is over $100, you get a full refund of your order, as well as free shipping to send one product back to us (to be arranged in advance). If you want to return more items from the same order, you will have to cover the additional costs yourself.

If your order is under $100, you still get a full refund of your order but the shipping price will be covered by you. You can still ship the product(s) to the return center that is cheaper for you (check the Returns section above).

Any other question?  Contact us!  We’ll gladly answer as soon as possible.

With love,
The team ❤